Ruby and the Blue Sky

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A tale of fame, power, sacrifice – and tea

Grammy night, 2021. Ruby wins ‘Best Song’ and makes an impulsive acceptance speech that excites nature lovers across the world.

While Ruby and her band celebrate, an extreme evangelical sect, funded by covert paymasters, dispatches a disciple on a ruthless mission to England.

As the band plays its sold-out tour, Ruby is pursued by eco-groupies insisting she use her new fame to fight climate change.

Back home, in rain-drenched Leeds, Ruby must confront a challenge not even tea, beer or her mum’s veggie lasagne will make go away. In a storm and drought-plagued world, run by cynical old men and self-serving corporations, could one young woman lead change?

Torn between the demands of the climate campaigners and her bandmates, Ruby has to decide how much – and even who – she will sacrifice.

“The world is what we make it. Beautiful, fierce, thriving. This is Ruby’s world and I want in.”
Metiria Turei, Green Party co-leader (Aotearoa NZ)

“Have you ever read something you enjoyed so much that you didn’t actually want it to end? I was very disciplined to not just stay up all night and devour this one in one gulp.”
Leanne Marie Mease, The Culture Vulture (UK)

Ruby and the Blue Sky is a deftly woven tale of light and shadow, love and hatred.
In an abused world, Ruby provides us with hope.”
Iona Winter, Author  

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